Why not You?

Most people don’t think it’s possible to become that Top leader in their company, or that inventor, or that small business gone big business, that unstoppable athlete, or that superstar.  Most people believe that they weren’t destined for greatness!  Why are SO many people content with mediocrity?  This just blows my mind.  You might be thinking right now, “I don’t think that!”  But what you think, and what you believe, are two different stories.

Here’s what I know.  Roughly 95% of the people in the U.S. are average, which leaves around 5% of people who are “wealthy” or, control the wealth.  Think this is skewed?  Here’s the stats from 2006, found on Wikepdia.  I can only imagine it’s gotten worse, not better since then.

In 2006, there were approximately 116,011,000 households in the United States. 1.93% of all households had annual incomes exceeding $250,000.  The aggregate income distribution is highly concentrated towards the top, with the top 6.37% earning roughly one third of all income, and those with upper-middle incomes control a large, though declining, share of the total earned income.

Many people are raised think you grow up, go to college, and work for someone else.  How many times did you hear “get your head out of the clouds!”  We don’t try to become wealthy, because it seems impossible.  So the majority of people go to work, come home, watch TV, play the lottery (so they can dream of the “what if”), go to bed, and get up and do it all again the next day – 5 days a week, 260 days a year.   Then they spend their weekends, 104 days a year, cleaning house, doing laundry, doing yard work, shopping and errands, because they’re tied up at work all week.  And most Americans do this, and never question it, or dream of a way out…WHY NOT???

Mindset.  This is considered  “The American  Dream” – college, work, kids, retirement.  I, personally, think it’s the American Night Mare.  After building my own business from nothing in 2007, to over 6 figures a year within 8 months, I will NEVER go back to work for someone else – ever.  I have earned more income in the past 3 years than I had the previous 15 combined.  Not to mention, I work from home, take any days off that I choose, spend time with my 3 small children, volunteer at their schools, go on field trips, and go on vacation and take sick days without having to get permission.

This started with a desire to want more and a belief that it was possible.  I saw many people that were average, earning extraordinary incomes in a relatively short amount of time (much faster than in corporate America!) and I knew if they could do it, so could I.  I knew I would be successful, because quitting or failing were not options.  I was not going to be another casualty in small business.  I was going to work as hard as I could until I achieved my goals.  Just remember:  What’s possible for one, is possible for many.  I followed in their footsteps of successful people, and I, too, had enormous success.

Dare to dream. Dare to believe in yourself.  Dare to fail.  Dare to succeed.  Dare to try something new.  So, again, let me ask you – Why not YOU?

Please share this with someone who needs it today.

To your success and personal growth,

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3 Responses to Why not You?

  1. Robin says:

    That was a great blog! Thank you.

  2. Mark Groo says:

    Thanks Tara
    I left our meeting with Tom Wood last night with a similar message as this one. I believe am that leader.
    I worked as an electrical engineer for 24 years, working for someone else. Then I got laid off and divorced within 3 months of each other. It was an opportunity to due something for ME. So I took 2 years off to reflect on my life and discover what my true purpose is. I believe I am here to share health and well being to others.
    As a result of this epiphany, I started a water filtration business because pure water is at the source of all nutrition and exercise programs. Water also crosses over political, economic and social boundaries. Cool, so I jumped in and started a business. Now I work for myself but all I do is work, I have been a slave to the business. I have learned a lot and I am much wiser as a result. BUT. I want to work smarter and I think Genewize is the vehicle. I dream of owning a community resource center to promote this vision of health and well being.

    I see the leadership in your organization and I want to be a part of it. I’m inspired and I want to act on it now. Why not ME? Why not Now?

    Thanks for the inspiring meeting last night and the work you have done to develop an opportunity for people like me.

    • Tara says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I love to meet others with the same level of passion as I have. You ARE a leader, just by saying that, I know it. I look forward to years and decades of growing a long lasting business and changing people’s lives together! Thanks Mark!

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