Time to catch YOUR Fish! A story about persistence.

IMG_4235A cute little story about never giving up.

The other day at the beach, my 4 year old (in the pic) came up to me with this plastic, flimsy, very small net with a hole in it (in pic) and said “mommy, let’s catch a fish!”. I looked down at the toy net and only one thought came to my mind: “no freakin’ way that I can catch a fish with that.” No way.

But my 4 year old stared up at me wide-eyed, with a hopeful smile on her face, so excited! “Pleeeeeaaaasssseeee mommy?” How could I let her down. So I said “okay, let’s go catch a fish”. She was so excited she handed me a net, grabbed another and skipped off to the water, motioning me to follow her.

So, when the tide starts rolling in, you can sometimes see tiny, and I mean TINY little fish darting VERY QUICKLY back into the ocean. All I kept thinking was, “they are too fast, and this net is too thick, it’s never going to work”. But I played along. Emery, my 4 year old had UNWAVERING belief that we would catch a fish…So I started thinking, well, maybe. And kept trying. And trying. And trying. My back was aching for leaning over for over a half hour, with no fish.

Then something happened: I had mentally reached the point of NO RETURN. I was DETERMINED and COMMITTED to catching a fish now!!

After over 125-150 swoops into the water with my clumsy thick plastic toy net, I caught a little silver fish. I’m not sure if me or Emery was more excited!! We quickly grabbed a bucket, filled it with water and dumped it in. Emery proudly showed off and nurtured that little fish for HOURS. It was all worth it.

I went on that day, to catch 6 more, including a much bigger one and all the kids were excited to have a bucket of “pets” at the beach. Now I was the fish-catching master. And all the kids grabbed a net and started believing and trying.

The moral of the story is this: How many times do we look at a task or a goal and think “it’s not possible”? I’m too this, not enough that, they are better, this will never work”? We all do it.

In business, you WILL catch your fish. You simply have to believe you can, then be willing to put your net in the water until you do. See, if I would have given up after 100 dips, I wouldn’t have caught the fish. Emery and I would have been disappointed. Time wasted. We sometimes give up too soon. We stop believing. We get tired and discouraged.

Victory comes to those who don’t quit.

I have to admit that the fish catching day taught me a lot about not giving up. Self discipline, persistence and hard work pays off.

Don’t ever quit. You’ll catch your fish, too. Even with a flimsy, thick, green, rip in it, little toy net. :)

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To your success,

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