Three Stages of Network Marketing

Screen shot 2012-02-14 at 5.16.05 PMNobody is instantly an expert in any industry.  Network Marketing is no exception.  When I first started, I had NO idea what I was doing, but I did it anyway.  I plugged into my support team, I attended events and I learned as much as I could along the way.

I also learned that not all activities were helping me reach my goals – no matter how fun some of them were!

The fun side of Network Marketing  for me is the social side. I have made lifelong friendships while building a team.  I have had a blast at the events. It’s an important part of the business but the least important of what I have learned are the Three Stages of Network Marketing.

Each of the Three Stages is important to your success, but it is important to know when, how long and how much time should be spent in each Stage.  You should always be doing the actions of each stage – just varying amounts.

Stage 1 — Start Recruiting
Stage 2 — Training and Motivating your team
Stage 3 — Streamline Communication and Building Long term Relationships

Many people make the mistake at being REALLY good at one, and don’t realize that you must pass through all Stages to build a long term business.  There are different personality types that cause people to get stuck in any one Stage too long:

  • The person who loves recruiting can enroll hundreds but is frustrated because they are the only one in their group doing the work.  They throw dozens of people in, but never train, motivate or build relationships, so their people quit.
  • The person who loves to train and motivate can get frustrated because it seems like it’s the same people at every event. They don’t tend to lead by example and it’s important to remember that your team will do as you do, not do as you say.
  • The person who loves to communicate and build relationships has a lot of fun but doesn’t make any money – because they are not recruiting and training.  They are not following a system.

Each of the Three Stages is important and you need to keep balance between them as your business grows. In the beginning you’ll need to focus more on recruiting.  Here’s how I’ve made it to the top of each company I’ve ever been associated with.

Recruiting Training &
Communication &
Relationships & Systems
$0 – $1000/mo 90% 5% 5%
$1000 – $10,000/mo 70% 15% 15%
$10,000/mo + 50% 35% 15%
Your Tasks
Build your list

Make phone calls

Use tools and systems

Invite to events

Ask guests to get started

Getting started training for each new Distributor

One Big Local Training per month

All National and Regional events

Create Leaders/Equip others


Lead by Example


Your focus
Enroll Teach Teach to Teach
Your goal
Be a leader
Find leaders
Teach leadership Create leaders
Marketing tools

Corporate website



3 Way Calls

Home Events

Regional trainings

Webcast trainings

Local Trainings

National Events

Events around the Events

Global Events

Open new markets


  • Organizing your office
  • Building a website
  • Generating online leads
  • Tweeting about your social life
  • Face Booking (unless you are marketing/recruiting/building community)
  • Mastering the comp plan
  • Researching every ingredient/detail
  • Becoming an expert
  • Being ready for any objection
  • Learning sales strategies

In addition, at all stages, I recommend Personal Development.  Write your goals often. Read, listen or watch inspiring/motivational things daily.  Be around positive people who share similar goals.

It’s also important to block time out every day/week/month to work your business.  Get a calendar and document every 3 way call, one on one meeting or home and hotel events.  Block out time to make calls and follow up.  Manage distractions. Whether you are part or full time in the industry, you can make serious money, if you take your business seriously.
To your Success,

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16 Responses to Three Stages of Network Marketing

  1. Tracy says:

    You rock sista!!! Love you T.


  2. This is the keys to the kingdom for me. Thank you for giving me the insiders strategy. It’s so easy to fall into one of the stages you talk about. Mastering all three is powerful leadership. Thanks Tara.

  3. Dan says:

    Thanks for the post. Dee sent me here to read it. Cheers.

  4. Tara, you so inspire me! You are a genuinely nice and very motivating personality. I’m glad we “re-met” after all these years. Now I’m ready to take it to the top!

  5. Cesar Rincon says:

    Tara, thank you for simplyfying! very wise and easy to follow!

  6. AskRonReed says:

    Great advice! One exception though– We can never “motivate” anyone…

  7. Richard Gonchar says:

    Tara, Sharing great tips like this is the reason your one of the Best leaders in the bussiness. You could of kept this to yourself. Instead you share it with the world. Thanks!

  8. Tara , Thank you! I am on day one of my 90-day challenge. I have never done Network Marketing. Thank you for these tips! It is exactly what I needed today!

    On My Way!


  9. Tara great tips, on what you must do, if your want to get the success that your aiming for!

  10. Brenda Howard says:

    Thanks for the training Tara! You are Amazing!

  11. quincy joulevette says:

    That’s why I subscribed to hour Facebook….after reading things..I should be a presidental director by September 28 during Houstons regional conference.

  12. Debra Kennedy says:

    THANKYOU Tara!!! Your teaching and way with words is always so INCREDIBLY powerful. You have a knack for giving me perspectives that reflect real life application. I’ve been spending too much time creating my ‘to do’ list instead of focusing on what’s on my ‘to done’ list!!!

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