Tara Wilson – Top Earner with Visalus

People always ask me about my story and Journey in Visalus…So here it is!  :)

In just 17 months after starting with Visalus Sciences, a 7 year old company that promotes a 90 Day Challenge, my life is forever changed. I am currently, as of this post, a Five Star Ambassador and as of this month, a 7 Figure earner

Talk about a journey…

I was in the Mortgage industry, making great money, life was good, two healthy small children, no time for anything.  I was introduced to the MLM industry in March 2007 by my brother, Pete Rosselli.  Nothing has been the same since!  Having a great run in my first two companies, and learning the skills and tools I needed, I joined Visalus on December 2, 2010.  I have 3 small kids now :).


I started making massive calls, to promote the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.  It was INSANE how many people loved the idea and the marketing plan around it!  3 for Free, BMW Payments at the 2nd rank of the company, $25,000 to $1,000,000 bonuses – CRAZY!

I started attending Visalus events as soon as I could and fell in LOVE with the Culture.  What a fun, high energy, amazing group of people!  I knew I had found a home that I could stay in for years and years, hopefully decades.

I earned my BMW Payment in 28 days.  After about 100 days, I achieved the rank of Ambassador and earned the $25,000 bonus (paid out over 12 months).  My earnings immediately went up to over $10,000 a month…WOW.  Wasn’t making that even after 2 years full time with my previous company. I hit 1 Star Ambassador in April , 2 Star Ambassador in June, helped my brother hit Ambassador in July, went 4 Star Ambassador in November, where I earned a $100,000 bonus (paid out over 12 months).  HOLY MOLY it was getting crazy.
My goal for my next rank was February or March….I hit it in January.  Now the SERIOUS money starts – Earned a $250,000 bonus (paid over 18 months) for achieving the rank of 5 Star Ambassador.  I had only seen a handful of bonuses that big paid out before Visalus – it was like a wild vivid dream, only it was REALLY happening.

Fast forward to today, May 26th, 2012.  I am now earning close to a Million Dollars a year ($80,000 a month) and it still hasn’t sunk in.  My focus is the newest person on the team, and making sure NOBODY is left behind.

I feel so blessed to have found the MLM industry, Visalus and my incredible mentors and Upline Aaron Fortner, Jason O’toole (#2 earner)  and Nick Sarnicola (#1 earner and cofounder).  Special thanks to my other friends and Top Leaders Pete Rosselli, Lisa Carter, Tim Lunsford, Rachel Jackson, Jennifer Morgan, Shannon Nelson, Michael O’Brien, Thez Santos, Cedrick Harris, Jennifer May, Molly Dalbec and Tina Hockmuth.  To the other 45 plus Ambassadors on the team – THANK YOU ALL for all the sacrifice, hard work and commitment to your teams – we would be NOTHING with out you!!!

We are THE CHALLENGE.  We are the #1 Fastest Growing MLM on the planet. We are the #1 weight loss and fitness program in the country.  We ARE Visalus and I am proud to be a part of the FIGHT against OBESITY!!

Cheers and thank you for taking the time to read my story :)

I look forward to a long relationship with all of my current and future Visalus Family – thank you all!

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3 Responses to Tara Wilson – Top Earner with Visalus

  1. Gene Hodges says:

    Your Status updates and post are truly inspiring!
    Amazing leader!!!

  2. Casie Petersen says:

    So glad to read your story!
    I hope to have one similar to yours…or even half of it would be more than I could imagine!

  3. GloriAnn Kube says:

    Wow. I am so excited to be a new member of your team. I am looking forward to learning, loving, and helping others with their goals for better health and fitness. Can’t wait for my first Regional event next month.

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