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So ask yourself – why would you want to partner up with Tara Wilson?  What is her experience?  What can Tara Wilson do for me and my business?  Great questions!

I have been full time in Network Marketing for a little over 5 years now.  I love this industry.  I love to work from home. The flexibility is awesome.  I have made 2 separate 6-figure incomes in 2 completely different MLM companies in the past 5 years – and a 7-figure income in my current company I have called home for 2 years now.  I have accomplished this all from home, while raising (and having) 3 small children.  As of today, my kids are 13, 6 and 3 – so it’s obvious that I don’t have a lot of “spare time”.  What I have is a passion for this industry, integrity, commitment to my team and I take my new people by the hand and get them started off in a way that ensures their success.

I believe if you give people a fish (you know the story) you are setting them up for failure – DO NOT give people to your down line – it breeds laziness!  So what I do, is teach people how to fish – and fish in ponds where nobody else is fishing.  In MLM, being a good teacher and a good promoter is the key.

I personally do several 3 way calls, webinars, conference calls, 1-on-1′s and live meetings and trainings EVERY DAY with my team.  Having put in over 100,000 in 3 companies in 5 years, I know that support and training is the most significant contribution of a good leader.

So work with me, Tara Wilson, and you will learn the methods and activities of being a Professional in this industry.

I look forward to working with YOU!

Tara Wilson :)

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  1. Katherinn Palacio says:

    Hi Tara,

    My name is Katherinn and I wanted to know how can I work with you, learn from you on how to take my Visalus business to your level, I have the same passion and dedication to help others, just that the storm has been a little heavy on my end with only one income, then no income and back to one income. arguments between the hubby and I, depression, stress and all that awful stuff that comes along and all this happening in front of my 4 year old princess that deserves the world, not this, not being poo, not being able to take her places, not being able to have the romance back with my husband, please help me, show me, teach me how to take it to the next level, I want to be you I want to be Rachel Jackson and all those incredible woman that make a difference in others lives….Because of your posts and your calls I have been able to get back up and after meeting you in Vitality in Orlando this past weekend made it even more real, (we did not get to talk much) but just giving you that hug to say thank you for being you and for giving me the strength to keep on going is incredible. Please help me!!


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