Making your list, checking it twice!

I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times, right!  First thing to do when you get into a Direct Selling company is make a list.  All your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, acquaintances and then spam them, right?  WRONG!!

Should you make a list?  Yes, of course!  If you opened a new restaurant in town, would you tell everyone?  Of course you would, because you would be proud of it.  I hope you are proud of the company you represent and want to tell everyone.  If you are not, get a new company.

What is the proper way to use your “warm market list”?  It’s simple.  Here are some do’s and don’ts:

Do:  Let people know what you are doing without be too pushy or sales-ey.  Don’t: EMAIL INFO OUT ABOUT YOUR COMPANY!  They will prejudge and you will lose 94% of your warm market right off the bat!

Do: Make the list as long as possible.  If there are 10 names on it, and the first 5 don’t pan out, you will get into begging mode. If there are 100 names and the first five don’t pan out, you still have 95 possibilities!!  Don’t: Forget anyone!  Use a memory jogger and contact everyone you know!

Do: Ask your warm market, “who do you know” that would need your product or service (this is rejection proof!!)  Don’t: Ask them to buy directly – you will get some rejection and it will sting.

Do: Categorize people into product vs. business people and approach them accordingly.  Don’t: Prejudge!  You never know until you ask!

Do: Get the word out fast – the people on your list may be another person’s list, too.  Don’t: Wait!  Get to them before someone else does and don’t be chicken – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Do: Be confident, proud and believe in what you do.  93% of whether a person says yes to you is your posture and tone of voice.  Don’t: Go out before you are ready.  Make sure you are ready for questions, have confidence in what you are doing, and understand your product and opportunity enough to share it with intelligence and posture.  People smell fear!

Do: Keep good notes and record of all contact attempts. Don’t: Forget to follow up!  The Fortune is in the Follow Up! It’s proven.

Do: Have events to invite them to, or make appointments to sit down one on one.  Don’t: Underestimate the power of human interaction in sales.

Do: Have fun, be positive and work with integrity. You will attract what you are.  Don’t: Be pushy, misleading or negative.  If someone says “no”, just say “next!”

Most importantly, make your list, keep it with you all the time and be constantly adding to it.  Don’t take anyone off of the list until they join your business, buy from you or die.  No usually means “I want to see you make money or have results first!”

Your cold market can become warm with consistent communications.  Add them all to your list, and if someone is referred to you and still isn’t interested, be sure to ask them for referrals, too!

If you do this, you will NEVER cold call a day in your life. Network Marketing means “Marketing to your Network”.

To your success,

If you found this helpful, please feel free to share and re-post, thank you!!!

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7 Responses to Making your list, checking it twice!

  1. Molly says:

    Thanks for the great tips Tara!!

    I love what you said about that first contact and how if it smells like spam, you’ve lost your chance.

    These are great rules to follow,


  2. Scott Ewart says:

    Excellent post Tara – I took your advice a couple of weeks ago on this and have already seen more movement in my business. So many people come in with pre-conceived notions and like me, think they know better than the ones with the experience and success above them. The trick is getting someone to buy in to this MUCH EARLIER in their Network Marketing career so not as much time is wasted. Awesome tips, rolling out now to go make it happen! Thanks Tara.
    Scott Ewart recently posted..Youtube Traffic – How To Keep Traffic from Leaving Your Videos!

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  4. These are all awesome tips Tara! I will refer to them often as I work on my offline business building. I am thrilled to have you with us on the VIPs … your offline experience is impressive and I look forward to learning from you and duplicating your success!!

    Wendy Hewlett recently posted..5 Cool Highlights of the NEW Facebook Pages

  5. Krisna says:

    I love it! Perfect advice…passing it on. :)

  6. Christina says:

    This was a great post Tara… great tips that are vital when building a direct selling biz! Thanks for taking time to share them! You rock! ~Christina
    Christina recently posted..We Are All Born “Entrepreneurs”… Or Have You Forgot

  7. Violet Koncz says:

    This is just what I needed! Great stuff, Tara. Thank you!
    Violet Koncz recently posted..Overcoming A Downward Spiral of Despair and Downer-ness

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