Are you a Leader or a “Cheer” Leader?

So many times, people get into Network Marketing, sign up 5-10 people, then sit back on the side lines and wait to get rich.  Oh, they’re great at cheering on their team, but often, they take a seat in the bleachers and that’s all they do.  “Go, go, go!  – Do meetings!  Invite! Go to this meeting – go to that meeting, get on this call, make appointments, show the plan…”  Yet, somehow, they fail to do these activities themselves!  These are the people I call “Cheer-Leaders”.  They are simply cheering you on.  True leaders are running the race with you, not watching and cheering from the sidelines.  Leaders go through the ups and downs, the pains, the challenges and the successes with you.  They are out there, every single day, meeting new people, inviting,  setting appointments, showing the plan, following up, holding meetings, training their teams and building the future leadership.

Rule #1:  People will do as you do, not do as you say.  If you promote a meeting, you may want to show up, t00.  If you promote a Conference call or webinar, be on it, too.   There’s a saying “Show up to go up”. If you want others on your team to recruit people, lead by example.

Rule #2:  You can’t sign up 2 “big fish” and become a millionaire in Network Marketing.  You must be the big fish. When you do this, you teach and inspire others to do the same.  Leaders are rainmakers – they do the activities, day in and day out, and build huge organizations.

Rule #3: Everything you do right will duplicate 50%.  Everything you do wrong will duplicate 90-100%.  So, do the right thing – constantly.

Rule #4:  Don’t get into Management mode!  If you get into management mode, guess what?  Your team will, too!  A good rule of thumb is to stay in recruiting mode 90%, until you reach $10,000 a month, then spend 60% of the time recruiting, and 40% of the time supporting and growing your team.  But NEVER stop recruiting.

Rule #5: Set a long term mindset.  It’s simple:  This is a 3-5 year plan.  Most people don’t last 3-5 phone calls.  Run along side your new affiliates to keep them motivated.  Get in the trenches with them, and they are more likely to last the 3-5 years.

Rule #6:  Give your new people a chance to fail, and a chance to succeed.  This is a tough one.  As an active leader, we naturally want to close every sale, do every presentation, be at every meeting, on every call and at every one on one.  This is great, as a leader, but there is a balance.  As the leader, it’s okay to take the ball 99 yards, down to the 1 yard line, but let them score the touchdown.  This is how you turn hope into belief, by letting them face their fears.  Show them the presentations, while teaching them to present.  Then encourage them to show the plan to others.  Even if they are horrible, let them learn.  Don’t do it all!

Rule #7:  Never criticize, complain or condemn.  EVER.  People will make mistakes, they’ll try to re-invent the wheel, they will give the wrong information, they will be negative.  Show them all grace, every single affiliate or customer in your business.  People will stay in a company far longer with people who encourage, respect and show kindness to them, longer that they will ever stay for your products or compensation plan.

Rule # 8:  Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.  The more personally developed you are, the more you can help people.  You will acquire amazing “tools” for your bag that you’ll be able to use as various situations arise.  If you know how to get your mindset in the right place, you’ll better be able to help others do the same.

Rule #9: Keep it simple.  No matter how big or small your team is, it’s good practice to keep it simple, and have a step-by-step system that is easy for anyone of any education or skill level to duplicate.  The quicker you duplicate, the faster your team will grow.  Growth creates momentum and momentum propels people to take action.  Momentum shows progress – so even if someone is having trouble out of the gates, the progress will inspire them that things are going forward and they will stay in the company, fearing that if they quit, they’ll “miss out”.

Rule #10: NEVER QUIT.  Set your goals, do actions every day.  Plan – do – change.  Don’t quit if something isn’t working.  Just change it up, and try again.  Ask other successful leaders what they’re doing to have success.  Whatever you do, just don’t quit!

To your success!

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4 Responses to Are you a Leader or a “Cheer” Leader?

  1. Great post Tara!
    Number five is something that everyone in this industry really needs to consider when setting their goals. I see too many people jump from one company to the next looking for the quick money. There is no quick plan. It’s not a 2-5 month plan, it’s a 2-5 year plan.

  2. bernadette says:

    You are so right to post these Golden Rules of Network Marketing – people that I started with in this business are sitting at home every night watching TV wanting to know why their business isn’t growing – it’s because they’re not out there making it grow. It’s about being persistent – in everything you do. Whenever you aren’t sure what to do… follow Rule #10

  3. Rick Herbst says:

    Right on Tara!

    Bringing people in is essential to keep teams growing. The truth is, people quit. They give up. They get discouraged. And if we don’t acknowledge that in ourselves and show grit and determination as well as commitment and fearlessness, we will never grow anything but weeds.

  4. Rick Wall says:

    Love the info. So true and so useful. Every network marketer should read this once a month to keep them on track. Thanks Tara! Keep up the great blogs!

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