Business Tip of the Day: Change your Story

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 5.19.17 PMBusiness Tip of the Day:

Change your Story.

You can be taught ALL the skill in the world. You can go through hours, days, weeks, month, even YEARS of training…But if the story in your head is holding you back, no amount of skill in the world will help you have success.

You can read every book, attend every seminar, hire the best coaches, follow the best leaders from company to company, try different products, different timing, different comp plans, different systems…. but before you do that, you need to figure out what story you are telling yourself.

Stories like:

~ Takes money to make money
~ I have the wrong personality
~ You have to have the right education
~ Money doesn’t grow on trees
~ I live in the wrong area
~ I’m not meant to be successful
~ Struggling is what my family has always done
~ I’m not as smart/good looking/polished as the successful people
~ Nobody would buy from me
~ I’m not a salesperson
~ I’m not cut out to be an entrepreneur
~ I am too busy
~ I have kids
~ I’m too young/old
~ I’m too shy
****Fill in the blank _______Your story****

Anything, yes ANYTHING can happen for you if you change your story. And results can be IMMEDIATE. The moment you divorce your limiting beliefs is the day your journey will begin. Start creating empowering stories like: I’m good at anything I put my mind to. The sky is the limit. I’m destined to be successful. It is my calling to help other. I will be blessed with money to do great things….

Write a new story. Today.

Think about the top 10 Networkers you personally know or the top 10 in the industry. Do you think they will have success wherever they go? Really think about it: OF COURSE THEY WOULD!

If the #1 earner in your industry came into your company, would they have success? What actions would they take? How many calls would they make? What if they had to start fresh, using no previous contacts. Would they still make it? or would they make the same excuses you make??


Bottom line: Re-write your story, FAST. Your destiny of greatness awaits.

Happy Writing!!

I hope you enjoyed this.  Please share with someone who needs it!

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