Change your mindset, and you, too, can be successful!

Most people think that success in MLM is about a new “incredible” product, or a “lucrative” compensation plan, or getting in on “the ground floor”.   The truth is, there are hundreds of GREAT products and services, and all of the compensations pay well – they have to, in order to stay competitive -  and ground floor doesn’t mean anything.  In fact, most experienced Network Marketers will NOT join a company until they know it won’t fail in the first year!

What is most important, for YOUR success, is your mindset! If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!!! If you have the mindset that this is a business – not a “get rich quick” scheme, or “fast money” or something to dabble in, then you will do the actions of a business owner. Hobbies cost money.  Ask anyone who golfs.  Businesses earn money.  So, if you treat your business like a hobby, you can expect to pay every month.  If you treat your business like a business, you can expect to earn money.  Yes, it’s that simple.

When you start any business, it’s not easy.  It can be simple, but it’s not easy.  You have to know your target market. Who would be interested in the services or products you are offering?  Figure that out, then get to marketing! You will need a website (most companies give you one for free or a nominal monthly fee). You will need business cards, brochures, and marketing material. Most of all, you will need time. Not much, but this isn’t a “spare time” business – rather, a part time commitment. Make the time to build yourself a residual income. Don’t work overtime at your W2 work to build your company or boss a residual income!  Build and promote for you and your business!

Find out your “why”. What motivates you to start your own home business?  This is why many are turning to Direct Selling:

  • Financial Freedom
  • Time Freedom
  • They have no Job security
  • Hate their current job
  • Bad economy – need additional income
  • Housing Market is down
  • Less Stress
  • Residual Income
  • Drowning in Debt
  • Global Recession

What are your options?

  • Work more hours
  • Get a 2nd job
  • Invest  (in what??)
  • Win the Lottery – you have a 7 times greater chance of being struck by lighting!
  • Start a traditional business – do you have $20,000 – $500,000 lying around
  • Purchase a franchise – that’s about $10,000 – $1,000,000 – not likely!

Direct selling is an amazing opportunity to get into a business for around $200 and earn UNLIMITED income.  I am proof that it’s possible and have built two six figure incomes in the past 3 years with two different companies, earning over a half million dollars in commissions.  I saw Network Marketing, very early on, as a viable way to earn money and followed in the footsteps of the people who are successful in this industry.  There are some amazing mentors out there.  Find one and start learning.   Once you can conceive it, you can believe it, and ultimately achieve it!!

Start reading positive books. These are some I recommend :)

Tara Wilson

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