Business Tip: The BAR Method

Business Tip of the Day:

Let’s go to the BAR.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 10.50.55 AMBelief leads to Action.  Action leads to results. To the degree which you BELIEVE, you will take Action.  To the degree which you take ACTION, you will get Results.

So, what do you need to BELIEVE IN?

1.  The Industry.  This is tough for many people because it’s a complete shift in the cultural paradigm of what people consider to be “traditional” business, although it’s gaining massive traction in becoming mainstream.  This industry has created thousands of millionaires.  It offers some of the best products in their class.  It allows for a person to come in with a small investment and earn unlimited income.  But you have to believe in it if you’re going to succeed in it.

2. The products/services you offer.  YOU HAVE to believe that they deliver on what they promise.  This said, EVEN if they don’t work for you, per say, do they work for the masses?  Maybe you’re not using them correctly, so don’t base the belief only on your experience: BE OBJECTIVE.  For example, a Vegan can still own a McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a HIGHLY profitable franchise.  Just because they wouldn’t eat there doesn’t mean millions won’t.  Look around:  is there PROOF that your products or services are working?  If so, then believe it.  A rail skinny person can still sell weight loss.  It just DEEPENS your believe when you do have results.

3.  The company.  You have to believe that the company you are working with offers great products/services, great customer service, a fair and competitive compensation plan, strong leadership and solid values.  This is critical.  When looking for a “Home” in this industry, be very diligent in who you partner with.  Are they here for the money or the mission?  Who are the founders and top leaders?  What do they stand for?  Are they committed? Are they constantly improving?  What is their culture?  What is their vision.  This is all critical in you wanting to invite your friends and family to partner with the company.

4. Yourself. This is the most important belief to have. You have to believe that YOU can do it.   This is the HARDEST belief for most people.  The average person is told “no you can’t 5,000 to 1 over “yes you can” by the AGE OF 5.  You are taught to go to school get good grades (what if you don’t?  You are made to feel like a loser, right?) and get a good “job” (aka: work for someone better than you)
So if you’re programmed all your life that you should work for someone else (because you’re not good enough to start your own business?) then why would you be confident in being your own boss!!!  Good news, you can change ALL of that VERY quickly.  RE-PROGRAM your brain!  Just believe enough to get started and be committed to sticking with it long enough to start believing in you. Once you believe in YOU, SKY IS THE LIMIT.

If you believe enough, you will take action.  Good news is, action leads to RESULTS. So, even if you are wavering in your belief, just take the action that others who are having success, and you will (inevitably) get results.  Even a blind squirrel will find a nut if it persists.  Keep doing the actions over and over and over, and you can get results.  Make the calls, show the plan, attend events, invite others, FOLLOW the SYSTEM.  Do it over and over and over.  DO NOT QUIT TAKING ACTION – THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO FAIL.

If you take action long enough, you WILL get results.  Results from your products/services.  Results from your business.  Your customers will start getting results, your team will start getting results.  And guess what?  The more RESULTS you experience personally in both areas, lead to: You guessed it, more BELIEF.  Best advice when you get a new business partner:  GET THEM A RESULT AS FAST AS YOU CAN.  This will lead to belief, which will spark more ACTION, which will lead to more results.

And around and around we go:  Potential exists in any opportunity where others are succeeding.  Remember the BAR method and revisit it daily.

If you’re new:
What is your belief level in the 4 areas?
What actions are you taking?
What results have you seen?

If you’re stagnant:
Where are you at in the 4 areas of belief?  Which do you struggle in?
Where have you stopped?  What area can you start again in??  (Action is the best place to start the cycle)

If you’re growing:
Pour your belief into others – Take MASSIVE action
Get others victories
Share your results

Time to come to the BAR and bring your friends too…It’s Happy hour!!!

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Enjoy friend!

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