Business Tip of the day: Stop Procrastinating!!

Business tip of the day:

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 10.43.11 PMStop conforming.

It’s not that conformity is bad, per say, it’s WHO you’re conforming to. Most people are  conforming to the 95% who are mediocre instead of the 5% who are successful!!  And what’s sad is people do it without even thinking twice about it.

There really is virtually NO competition to be successful.  WHY? Because people are SO busy conforming to the 95% of broke, unhealthy, unhappy people, that all you have to do is think like the 5%.  Nobody will even bother with you.  You’ll pass them up unnoticed.

Anyone can be in the 5%.  But people don’t even try.

The 95% watch TV where they are are fed negative images, drama and mindless entertainment. Or worse, they sit for hours and watch athletes and singers living out their dreams, while theirs wither away.  Boy do our brains love DRAMA.  Lucky for me, my brain loves changing lives more!

The 95% are in debt over caring about what people think about their cars, house, clothes and shoes.  Ask yourself: Do the people who love you MOST care about these “things”?

95% won’t sacrifice what it takes to be successful. They won’t put in the 10,000, 20,000 hours to truly become GREAT. They won’t have the self discipline to eat the healthy foods, bite their spiteful tongue, control their temper, make the calls, skip the social events, stay the course or do it when they don’t feel like it.

95% won’t read/study/learn from the 5% who are ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS willing to share EXACTLY what they did to become successful. Book Stores are full of them. Mentors in your company write systems.  Leaders will always show you and share with you what they did and are doing.

95% will hear this and be inspired, but won’t change. It takes intention. Discipline. Desire to change. Readiness to get uncomfortable. Readiness to pay the price. Willingness to learn, grow, stretch….

And before you can blink, 5 more years will go by and you’ll be less healthy, more in debt, divorced or on the brink, and you’ll wish you started sooner.

If it were that easy, everyone would be fit, healthy, rich, and have happy relationships. But it’s not. Most people live by default and conform to “what everyone around them is doing”.

5% do whatever it takes. They will break the mold. Break your mold today.

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