Business Tip of the Day: Make FEAR your bitch

Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.52.07 AMBusiness Tip of the Day:

Make FEAR your bitch.

What you design in your life will shrink or expand – directly in proportion to the courage you have to pursue what you really want.

Everything lies on the other side of fear.  In our industry specifically, you must overcome your 3 WORST fears – one that actually ranks above death:  The fear of failure (#1), rejection (#3), and the fear of ridicule (#4).

So, we get people excited, show them all these amazing stories of success, a comp plan that pays, products or services that work wonders, a leadership team with a track record, etc.  They say YES!  They are JAZZED!!!  PUMPED!  They are gonna be RICH!  They are going to CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

Then they suddenly quit.  WHY???

Well, I recently learned through Anthony Robbins that EVERY decision a person makes – EVERY DECISION – is driven by only 2 things:

1.  To avoid pain
2.  To gain pleasure

So, they “see it”.  They see the possibility.  They see the success.  They see a need for the product or service in the world.  They believe in the people in the upline….but they never have success.  Here’s WHY.

******* (This is going to change your life) ********

Because, unfortunately, of the two forces that drive people – AVOIDING PAIN is far far far more powerful than gaining pleasure.

So, you get them enrolled, order their kit, schedule their first event.  They are excited.  Full of hope.  They are sending you texts, calling you…All is going GREAT.

Then something happens… They start avoiding your calls.  They cancel their first event.  They say “Nobody can make it”.  “Everyone is busy”.

What happened?

Here’s what happened:  They started calling, all excited and go the first “NO”.  Ouch.  Rejection (#3 fear).  Feels like failure (#1 fear). One of their friends “mocked them” for getting into one of those “things”.  Ridicule (#4 fear).  Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 10.50.51 AM

There is NO WAY they are going to keep calling.  Heck no.  This is PAIN.  Humans will avoid pain.  And the pain of failure, rejection and ridicule seem far bigger than the potential pleasure of earning $500, $1,000, and on.  If THIS is what it takes to make $10,000 a month, Count me out.

If you know this and understand it, you can prepare them for what they are about to face.  Or better yet, BE THERE with them while they are making their first 20-25 contacts.  Let them know that they are NOT looking to SELL to their Network, they are there to EXPOSE, and look for people who are looking!!!

They WILL get told NO.  Make sure they understand this.
They WILL GET ridiculed. Make sure they know this.
They will have people cancel on them.  Make sure they are prepared.

Mindset shift:  If you are looking for a “Yes”, and you get a “No”, you’re bummed.  If you are looking for a “No” and get a  “No”, you’re indifferent.  SO STOP LOOKING FOR YESSES!!!

There are many ways you can “expose” without rejection.   That’s a whole different talk show….so stay tuned!

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