Business Tip of the Day: Be Realistic

Business Tip of the Day:  Be Realistic.

You probably think that the road to success looks like this:Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.40.38 AM


 But it really looks like this:

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 10.39.53 AM




People continually fail, and fail and fail and then quit.  One of the reasons is that they start with unrealistic expectations.

You join a business.
You are excited.
You are committed.
You are “all in”.
You believe in it.
You completely see the potential.
It just makes “sense” to you.

So naturally, you think everyone will feel the same, right?  WRONG… and now you are completely unprepared for the BOMBS that will drop on you in your first 5-10 phone calls:

Rejection – “It’s not for me”
Ridicule – “Oh, no. You’re doing one of those things”
Failure – You completely screw up.  You say all the wrong things.

SO many, and I mean SO many people quit in their first 10 phone calls. They have a list of 150 that never get called. Why? Because rejection, ridicule and failure are 3 of the 4 biggest fears of all humans. (the other one in top 4 is fear of death). The are PAINFUL. And humans will avoid pain at all costs… Unless they are prepared for it.

So how can you get them to call the other 140 on their list without loss of enthusiasm, excitement and focus?  PREPARE THEM.

Let them know that you are NOT looking to convince 100% of the people to say yes. You are LOOKING ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE OPEN to hearing more about your products, services and business plan.

Anticipating rejection, ridicule and failure will help them stay positive while getting through their list.  They have to know that it’s completely okay that people will NOT be interested in what they offer.

Be realistic and teach others to be realistic, too.  Happy Recruiting!

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