Business Tip #3: The Tale of 2 Promoters

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.29.02 PMThe Tale of two Promoters.  We will call them Jane and Jill.

Jane complained from the start: NOBODY was there to her help out. The person who signed her up was never around. Never answered her calls, never sent out emails or texts of team calls, never showed up at events. She felt alone. Nobody went to her house to teach her how to do “parties”. Never did 3 way calls, gave her NO direction. Just signed her up and went dark.

Jane was frustrated. She felt alone, abandoned and discouraged. All she ever posted was her discontentment. Her social media posts were negative and bashing. She could never sign anyone up. Never learned a thing, because nobody taught her. She never had any success, felt like a failure and finally quit. Her attitude about MLM was bitter and she was “done” with it.

Then there was Jill, who lived in the SAME town as Jane, sponsored by the same person as Jane. Jill was SO elated at the opportunity that lie before her. Soon after she signed up, she logged in to her back office, started reading, learning, watching every possible video. She found all the conference calls and events, and attended every one of them. She studied and read the comp plan cover to cover. Knew all the products inside and out. Sat front row at every training and learned from the dozens of massively successful people in her company. Soaked it up. Reached out until she found people that would help and support her. Whether they were there or not, she was determined. She never heard from her sponsor, but that wasn’t going to stop her: SHE SAW IT.

Her mindset was positive. Constantly posting stories, always having great conversations. She got some momentum, put her first few promoters and customers in, then dug down to help them. This was awesome. Jill went on to become a top earner, a respected leader and built a huge organization.

How could these two promoters turn out SO differently? They lived in the same town. Same company. Same products, Same compensation plan. Same time, same sponsor.

When both Jill and Jane were interviewed unbeknownst to each other, “why did your business turn out this way”? Surprisingly, they both provided the EXACT same answer: “How could it have been any different being sponsored by a person like that”.

AHHHH…Same situation, completely different outcomes. We are SO programmed to believe that our environment shapes who we are. That things are “out of our control”. WRONG.

It’s not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean. It’s in our interpretation. (Thank you Tony Robbins for this lesson!)

One promoter used her lack of support to quit, the other used it as motivation to learn to do it herself. One quit, the other thrived.

Are you more like Jane or Jill? John or Jack? Time to do a check up from the neck up!!!

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