Business Tip #2 – Make the Commitment

commitmentMake the Commitment.

When you enter into business, it’s not enough to pay your business costs, buy your product, throw a website up and start going to town marketing it.  ALL are necessary, but not enough for long term growth. It is imperative that you make the commitment:  the commitment to not quit, the commitment to your team, the commitment to yourself, the commitment to be here next year – no matter what.  When next year comes, make the commitment again.

“People who are interested will do what’s convenient.  People who are committed, will do whatever it takes.”

That means moving on after rejection, after drama on your team, after people quit, when your favorite show is on, or when you “don’t feel like it”.  It means making sacrifices, and weighing the costs of what you are giving up.  The Average American watches 28 hours of TV a week. DO NOT BE AVERAGE!  The average America is also in debt, overweight, unhappy and has no idea where they want to be next month, year or in 5 years.  It’s easy to give up some TV time.

Some sacrifices are not so easy.  Like missing my children’s sporting events or school functions.  That bums me out.  I just do my best to plan what I can, around those events, which are very important to me.  Weigh the costs carefully.

Most people quit their because they just “dabbled in it” for a minute…there was no skin in the game – mentally, financially or physically.  I really think one of the keys to my personal success in not just 1, but 3 companies, is that I literally immerse myself in what I’m doing. Picture this.  I run and jump off the cliff…I go all in…no turning back.  I hope to find the parachute on the way down.  To me…that’s the only way to do it.  I do my due diligence, make my decision, then make the commitment.

Make your commitment today.

To your success,

Please feel free to share and come back again soon for more business tips!!

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4 Responses to Business Tip #2 – Make the Commitment

  1. Thank you for a WONDERFUL article…

    THANK YOU… When Body by VI comes to europe .. look me up…

  2. Jesse says:

    Great blog and great advise , many of us forget this, back to basics!!!

  3. Maggie says:

    Tara, great blog and good advise, except remember Susie Orman’s no one saying, People First, then Money, then Things, don’t ever forget you only have your children’s youth for what feels like a minute. Advise from an old Mom is make the kids events your priority and they will remember that more than getting them the latest and greatest whatever that will be thrown aside in a minute, do weigh the costs carefully.
    Now again if it is the difference between feeding your children and working, different story, different advice. If it is the difference between a BMW or a Hyundai, again different advice, weigh the costs carefully…..

  4. i am trying my best learning business and how to handle.. i have no clue when i joined vi business.. my sponsor believes in me which make me believe i can do this…

    this is very helpful.. hope i able do it.. cux sometime i have hard time to understand high english..

    yes i am deaf and i read and write asl than english.. asl is american sign language.. i more understand basic than big words.. hehe

    i will try my best and i am glad i find this website useful.. now i gonna keep on rolled my sleeve and keep active to improve myself and my vi business,,

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