Business Tip #1 – New to MLM?

pyramidpeopleBusiness Tip #1:  When starting out in Direct Sales, research the industry, which company speaks to you, your mission, your passions, and your interests.  Also consider the timing of the products and services…is there a big market for what you are doing?  What is the size of the market??  If it’s a gender, age or cultural specific product, you may be cutting out HALF of more of your potential market, so think about that.  Also know what all is entailed in getting involved: Start up costs, monthly costs, investment in time, marketing materials, events, travel, etc.

Be wary of Niche products or services.  At the point someone doesn’t get what you are doing in one sentence, you begin “selling” to them.  Remember, the average Joe can’t or, more importantly, won’t sell.  They want to quickly throw out what they’re doing, and get interest. If it takes you an hour just to explain what you’re doing, is that going to duplicate? Probably not.

Most importantly, have a strong motivating factor or a “Why’ you are starting a business: More time? More money? Help others? Fulfill a passion?  Make sure you plan to schedule time every day to work on your business.  Put a plan together and then get started.  Business ownership can be the most fun, rewarding, satisfying thing you ever do.  It’s incredible to watch the fruits of your labor come to harvest!!!
Best of wishes for success in your en devour!

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2 Responses to Business Tip #1 – New to MLM?

  1. Thanks for all the information. I have subscribed to you on facebook. It’s always great to recieve new ideas and think outside the box.

  2. Lisa G. says:

    Love this post!! Great information and as always clear and to the point.

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