Be a Rainmaker!

Are you spending too much of your time watching TV, surfing the web or chatting on FaceBook, wondering why your business isn’t growing?

Leaders don’t.  They are Rainmakers.  This means they are consistently recruiting, building, teaching, planning, learning, making adjustments and pushing forward.  Leaders are constantly recruiting, training, duplicating and growing their business.

Rainmaker activities are activities that will build your organization:  Making direct calls to prospects, cold calls,  3 way calls, conference calls, hosting meetings, one on one’s, webinars – any chance to show prospects the plan.  The plan is simple: sharing the product/service that your company offers, why the timing is right, corporate and field leadership and of course, the compensation.  Rainmaker activities will serve two purposes:  to expose your products to potential customers, and to introduce your business opportunity to potential builders.

Many people are afraid of “selling”.  Let’s get over this first.  “Selling” is nothing more than providing a person enough information to move them toward making a decision.  That’s it.  Provide good information, you are likely to get more yeses.  Provide poor information, and you are likely to get more no’s.  Some prospects will “get it” right away, or have a belief system in line with what you are offering, so they will say yes with minimal information.  Some people need a TON of information, over long periods of time  – to get their belief level high enough to decide on yes.  Some people are never satisfied, and these people, the cynics, should be avoided – because they will DRAIN you!  The “sales” process can be shortened by providing precise, compelling and credible information in a concise, professional manner.  This is why your company provides professional videos,  DVD’s, CD’s, brochures, etc. USE THEM!

Leaders get plenty of problems, rejections, objections and complaints – more than most people, but they resolve them quickly and move forward.  Try not to fall into “management mode”.  This is where you stop rainmaker activities and start doing things you think are growing your business, like: checking your back office every 20 minutes, organizing your presentation materials/products in your office, cleaning your desk or calling your down line to “pump them up”.   These are all great, but they are not growing your organization.

Remember, you get paid from the volume you produce from products sold on your team, period.  If products are not being sold, your check will not grow. So you need to make sure you are personally growing a customer base and a distributor base, and teaching others to duplicate that – over and over and over and over.  Network Marketing teams succeed when large numbers of people do a small amount of business.   Your job is to make sure you are doing your part, and helping your team do theirs.

Anything outside of getting prospects to presentations to join the business, or to buy products as a customer, is a distraction.  Distractions will cost you money.  It’s not how many hours you spend per week on your business, it’s how you spend those hours.  It’s what you do in those hours that will separate the professionals from the amateurs.

So, sit down, plan your month, your week, your days, and fill them with rainmaker activities.  If you want to earn more than you are earning now, then double your rainmaker activities, you will earn double or more.  It’s not rocket science, it’s sales.  And remember that sales requires providing information, so get out there, talk to people, and start making it rain!!!

To your success,

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4 Responses to Be a Rainmaker!

  1. Christina says:

    Hi Tara,

    I’m a “Rainmaker” baby! This post hit it right on the nail! We are true leaders and you are so right about selling… it’s all about getting the info out there… the CORRECT info!
    Rainmakers don’t sit around watching the tv, waste time… we are in production mode… we know how to ROCK things out…
    Time is a wasting baby…
    Set you goals like you said and have a game plan…
    Love this post… thanks so much for sharing!
    Take Care,
    Christina recently posted..“The Clock Of Life”… 20 Words That Can Change Your Life

  2. Darren Hardy calls these activities the “Vital Functions” – the 3 tasks that generate income and the tasks you should be focused on – talking to new people, getting new people started and attending and delivering events.
    Great advice Tara! I’m so glad you have started a blog. I look forward to more great posts and to sharing this incredible journey with you.

    Wendy Hewlett recently posted..Getting Started in Network Marketing – Module 1

  3. Tara, I absolutely loved this post. You nailed everything on the head and I think that this post has been an eye opener not only for the newbie business owner, but for all categories, lazy, fearful, the list goes on. We all are rainmakers from within, but if we don’t get off of our butts and speak to people, the rest of the world will not know that. Thanks for sharing.
    Delicia Jenkins recently posted..How To Define Happiness

  4. jeffrey leonetti says:

    Great information! So true! I can see why you have the results you do Tara keep up the great work!!

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