Are you prepared for “no”??

This may seem like a simple concept, but “no”, that tiny little word, has more of an impact on your business than any other force out there.  A person’s success is entirely dependent on how many “no’s” they can sustain, without a loss of enthusiasm.  So, ask yourself, are you ready for “no”?

So many people leave a business opportunity presentation excited, hopeful, full of ideas and dreams about making it big.  They don’t sleep that night.  They spend countless hours googling the company, the products, the science, the technology and grow more and more excited with each passing minute.  This is it!  They’ve finally found what they were looking for all of their life – an opportunity that will allow them to go out, part time,  build an empire and obtain financial and time freedom – forever.  What could possibly go wrong?

They get on the phone, or worse yet, email, to tell all of their friends, families, neighbors and co-workers about it, too – after all, how could they pass up an opportunity like this?  They are all going to get rich together and have so much fun!  Expecting excitement, encouragement, support and sign-ups, they make the first contact, only to get a big, fat, ugly, “NO”.  Whoosh! – all the wind goes out of their sails, with one, little, tiny word.  Maybe it’s not the first, or second call, depending on many factors, but it will come.  We all get “no”, far more than yes. It’s reality.

Two things you have to remember, so that you are better equipped for the “no’s”: One, try to remember that they did not sit through the same presentation, hear what you heard or saw what you saw.  You are probably rambling on like a mad person,  overwhelming them.  That’s why getting them to the next meeting, 1 in 1, webinar or conference call,  instead of trying to sell them directly, is the best idea.  Let the experienced people do the presentation, because you can feasibly only remember 10-25% of what you heard.  Not only that, getting them bits and pieces, instead of a comprehensive presentation, can lead to confusion and doubt.  We call it “show the plan”.  So, instead of rambling, just simply explain to them you have discovered an incredible way to grow a residual income producing asset, part time, and invite them to come see what it’s all about.  Keep that objective in mind when you make your first contacts.

The second thing you have to keep in mind, is that even if you get them to a presentation, your opportunity still may not be for them.  It’s okay.  Starbucks doesn’t worry about all of the people who prefer Peet’s.  24 Hour Fitness doesn’t worry about all of the people who work out at Gold’s.  The point is, they may think your opportunity is great, and still not join or buy.  They are not saying no to you, they are saying no to the opportunity.  Don’t let that bother you.  You can’t want this business for someone else, more than they want it for themselves, no matter how great your company is!

Hearing “no” is tough for everyone, even seasoned veterans of Network Marketing.  Try promoting the business/products in a way that is rejection-proof.  The strategy is this:  Instead of asking people to join your company or buy your products, ask them “who do you know?”  Who do they know that is looking for additional income?  Who do they know who wants better health, beauty, weight loss, fitness, phone service, cosmetics, jewelry, etc?  Who do they know that is an entrepreneur that knows a great opportunity when they see one?  Then they don’t feel pressure to join or buy anything and will be happy to refer you to others.  This is a great tactic, because you are obviously exposing your network to the business/products firsthand!

“No” is not that bad.  It’s the 2nd best answer.  “Maybe’s” are far worse.  They keep you in limbo and often consume far too much of your time and energy.  “No’s” allow you to move on quickly.   Remember this: you are not in the begging or convincing business.  “A person convinced against their will, is of the same opinion still”.  When you get a “no”, move on.

Be prepared.  You will hear far more “no’s” than yeses.  That’s the facts.  Don’t let a “no”, or several “no’s”, steal your dream.  If you see an opportunity, and others are having success, then know that success is possible for anyone.  Some people get less “no’s” and some get more.  Tactics, posture, attitude, credibility, likability,  personality, belief, level of commitment, social status are all factors that may influence how many “no’s” you will get.  Don’t compare your success or failures with anyone else.

How you view “no’s” will also dictate how the affect you.  If you are looking for a yes, and get a NO, you’re bummed.  WHAT IF, you looked for No’s instead???  Make it a goal every day/week/month on how many No’s you will get.  Then every time you get one, you are closer to your goal of X No’s!!!  It’s just a shift in mindset that can prevent you from feeling rejected!

With every “no”, you are one step closer to a “yes”.  If you quit, you may do so before one of those “yeses” that could have turned into thousands of people and millions of dollars.  If you quit, you can never have success.  Quitting or failing are only an option if you let them be.  Don’t forget that!

One last note: When you succeed, and go on to make a difference, build an organization, impact lives, inspire others or receive awards, money or recognition, you won’t remember all of the no’s.  All you will feel is the incredible feeling of success…and success is exhilarating.  In the book “Three Feet from Gold”, Boxing Champion Evander Holyfield explains that when you win the match, and they raise your arm up in victory, you don’t recall or feel a single blow to the face, the ribs, the gut.   All you feel is the win.  For the rest of your life, you re-live the moment of victory, not all of the pain, sweat, blood and tears it took to get there.

Are you ready to take some “punches” in order to experience the sweet feeling of success?

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To your success!

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4 Responses to Are you prepared for “no”??

  1. John Lowery says:

    Great article! Really enjoyed it. The truth is if you are in network marketing you get paid to prospect and if you are just starting out you don’t have a story yet, so take them to your leader.

  2. shelly says:

    Great articles, and very insightful!! We have to learn to not take it personal and to just keep pressing on. Some will, some won’t….. SO WHAT!! –>> NEXT!

  3. Julie Perry says:

    Great stuff, Tara!

  4. Tina Soriano says:


    Thank you so much for all of this terrific info. I wish I had found you 1 month ago before I called all my warm people. LOL!

    Onward to the NO’s. Looking forward to them.

    Take care and thank you again. I’ve printed everything on here and love it all!!

    Tina Soriano

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